Our/My View: Bunkard is wrong for Bass Lake

An editorial by Jackson Frolic

Forrest Bunkard is running for office. We should be running for our lives.

OK, that was a bit over-the-top, but it was a compelling statement, right? That’s Bunkard’s platform in a nutshell.

I sat down with Bunkard for an interview 45 hours after he announced his bid for a public seat.

  • Extra: Interview with Forrest Bunkard may appear in the Beacon at some point

Listen, this move was inevitable. Bunkard has talked for years about getting into politics. That does not, however — I repeat — doesn’t make it a cohesive goal. Maybe it’s good for him, but for us? “Maybe not so sure,” as my father used to say.

It annoyed me when he said that, but, you know what? He was correct.

Surely, Bunkard has at least a 50-50 shot to unseat Patricia “Pat” Fitzpatrick. If for no other reason Fitzpatrick is on the cusp of moving permanently to south of the Georgia state line. Fitzpatrick hasn’t done much for the past two decades, but we must say this: Pat (as everyone calls her) is steady. We know what we’re getting. That may not be much, if anything, yet it’s what we’ve got. What have we “got” with Bunkard? Something else.

Bunkard is an X-factor. On a personal level, I like him. Seems genuine, if somewhat full of his high-brow self. He’s quick with a joke or a light of your smoke, to paraphrase Mr. Piano Man Himself, Mr. William Joel. See — I can conjur Bunkard’s schtick, too.

And hey, man, I admire Bunakard’s spunk. He’s fearless (albeit hesitant). I simply think he’s all wrong for his constituency. The Bass Lake community, and the Michiana populace at large, comprises a wonderful collection of the best people you’re likely to meet — and a few of the worse, yes, but fewer of those, statistically speaking  — but if there’s one thing we all have in common, we’re uncertain about newby-politicians who appear too clever for their own good, too “educated” to provide a practical plan, and too volatile for everyone to gather ‘round.

The important thing is to make it to the polls. Get out and vote. Don’t pay attention to what I say, but pay close attention to what I say. Come on, everybody — do some research. That’s all I ask.

Jackson Frolic is senior editor at the Beacon. Follow him on Twitter, and he may return the favor.

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