Stun-Gun disciplined for role in meeting prank

By Max Fontaine | Hard-news beat report

The newest member of Bass Lake Police Authority was put on a two-week suspension for an incident at a Feb. 17 town council meeting.

Stun-Gun, the latest addition to the department’s policing arsenal, was given the disciplinary measure by Mayor Delores Denominator, as directed by Bass Lake Employee Code, after review by the behavioral committee and approval by an unbiased oversight panel.

Stun-Gun was involved an intra-meeting prank led by Chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb, who zapped dozing council member Enos Felger as part of a demonstration of Stun-Gun’s effectiveness and to win a wager with councilperson Betty Crocker (no relation).

After the meeting, McNabb said he intended no harm by the action.

“It was supposed to be a joke,” McNabb said. “But, like most jokes, it wasn’t funny.”

Based on McNabb’s statement, he received no reprimand, adhering to protocol established in the Apologies and Good Intensions Act of 1996. Denominator did tell him to “take a day off sometime and relax.”

Felger suffered no long-term health effects from the shocking shock, based on examination by Bass Lake Town Physician Dr. Wildare Kelby.

Crocker, whose wager of a pie may have fueled McNabb’s plan, is required to seek help for a pastry-gambling disorder. She is banned from participation at the next council meeting, but is allowed to stand in the doorway, Denominator said.

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