From our readers: Death perception

Dearest editor:

I am saddened by all the recent deaths in our community.

First, there was poor Cornwall Spud Fishingpole. Before that was the nice older fellow that perished just a while ago. Smiley, he was called. I grew up with his mother, as a child.

What is happening to us? Have we lost our sense of direction? Our moral compass? Our Godly Geiger counter?

I know we can’t stop death to save my life. But less dying would be a new beginning.

I.J. Kaye
West side of the lake

One thought on “From our readers: Death perception

  1. Less dying would be a new beginning .. Less crying in another life .. More smileys to bring the paper .. Less bad news more playing nice .. Winter has silenced the fisherman .. But summer haunts dont fly south … The bluebird huddles in its nest .. Waiting for spring to come out


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