Stay-at-home uncle releases book

By Clara Glendale * Beacon reports

Jimbo Larson, uncle of six, has penned a memoir.

“Eaves of Grass: Stories of a Gutter-Cleaner” encapsulates Larson’s 23-year career as a home-gutter expert, from a first-person perspective — his.

Larson (Bass Lake ’86) began work as understudy at Downspout Upkeep in the late ’80s, and worked his way up the ladder to management by 1996. He was “let go” in 2012 when the company was absorbed by I Can’t Believe it’s Not Gutter, a subsidiary of International House of Houses.

Spiral-bound copies of “Eaves of Grass” are available for $4.95 at Nook, Bath & Beyonce (formerly Books, Towels & Music).

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