Death notice: Smiley ‘Smiley’ Tackett

Winner of the annual Bass Lake Beacon First Death of the New Year contest is/was Smiley “Smiley” Tackett. Smiley Tackett was a well-loved figure around Bass Lake, known to young and old alike.

His happy outlook on life was more than just a name given him by his parents, who preceded him in death. Smiley loved to take long walks around the lake, as most everyone knows because at one time or another Smiley appeared at each of our doors.

Sometimes he would be seeking shelter from a sudden gust of wind, other times he merely wanted a warm cup of coffee or to use the facilities. It was on one of his famous walks, his final walk to be exact, that Smiley Tackett met his demise. One of the Johnson twins discovered Smiley’s frozen body New Year’s morning when he accidentally ran over it with his snowmobile. Smiley Tackett died doing what he loved best.

Smiley Tackett would have been 98 on his next birthday. Services for Smiley will be Tuesday, January 14 at Second Presbyterian Church. Burial will follow in the spring.

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