Easter egg hunt ‘success,’ according to people close to organizers

Eggs have been found. (Rodnae Productions/Pexels)

By Clara Glendale | Social events editor/still unable to retire comfortably

The semi-annual “Easter Egg Hunt/Ham Walk” was held Saturday at Newlee-Tydald Park in Bass Lake. 

The event, or something similar to it, has been held each year since sometime in the 1970s, with the exception of 2020, because of, well, you know. 

Nearly 2,045 plastic eggs were hidden. Some included special prizes inside, such as coins, toys and miniature plastic eggs. 

Almost all of the ovoids were found, by roughly 145 student-child participants. Undiscovered eggs will be recycled for scrap-plastic.

Many contestants were enthusiastic. At least one expressed joy about the experience while including a more in-depth perspective. 

“It’s so fun!” said Amandaray Narklash, a first-grader who attends Sunday school at St. Methodist Catholic Church. “But I was told Jesus Claus was gonna be here.” 

The “ham-walk” portion of the event was not complete prior to deadline to file this report for The Beacon print edition. 

The event was overseen by Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants

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