Business Biz: Bank employee promoted

By Millicent Sangria | Occasional Transcribist

A promotion has been announced. [Alexander Mils/Pexels]

Joel VanKinderlow, president and CEO of Michiana Bank and Loan, along with members of the board of directors of the financial institution, has announced the promotion of an employee.

Dawn Vindell, 37, has been promoted from assistant associate teller to primary assistant ATM loan officer at the Bass Lake branch, located in nearby Nearbytown.

“We are happy to (welcome aboard/support the promotion) of (insert employee’s name),” VanKinderlow said in a statement, written by a consulting firm.

Vindell was not made available for comment. According to her eldest son, Josh, 7, “she isn’t getting any raise.”

Michiana Bank and Loan Company has been providing service for customers, clients and many of its employees since 1981, following a merger of the former Bass Lake Bank and Trust and several other businesses.

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