Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/24-2/28 2020

The Collective Collective Group holds events for groups of all sizes, large or small, for combined and/or individual activities suitable for lots of different meetings, private and public. Rates apply. (The Collective Collective Group)

Eel salad on toast
Spinach of the day
Post-dated peach
Ice melt
Melted ice

Crawfish boil
Cajun fried okra
Banana discs
King cake
Milk punch

Crawfish exoskeleton linguini
Russian salad
Kiwi skin
Zipper icy
Okra slime

Stuffed ghost peppers
Hovel cheese
Presumed berries
Gelatin poppers

Patient zero casserole
String peas
Road apple

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Collective Collective Group. Bring your cult or hobbyist cabal to our next meeting and let’s get Collectiving! 

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