Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/17-2/21 2020

When it rains too much and your stuff might get wet, call Cousin Bobby’s Flood Barriers and Muck Removal. We’ll do what it takes to keep your feet dry and your muck off. (Photo: Cousin Bobby, flood of ’07)

Crab Calloway
Celery stork
Berry mush
Froze butter
Slobber box

Air-based pizza
Tater whippies
Banana slurry
Nut pie
Onion juice

Horse chops
Geriatric spinach
Durian sauce
Candied napkins
Flood water

Chili con hot dogs
Niblet stick
Two for one
Pickled fudge
Lavatory spray

Abe Lincoln’s last burger w/bun
Free-range green stuff
Prison fruit
Reverse dreamsicle
Diluted water

This week’s menu is sponsored by Cousin Bobby’s Flood Barriers and Muck Removal. It’s that time of year again. Give a call if you need anything. 

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