Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 12/16-12/20 2019

Santa wagon
Support your local Santa Claus and Elves Local. Buy North Pole! (File photo).

Repurposed sheep intestine
Bin salad
Banana crumple
Cellophane pie
Unregistered dairy product

Ruby platter
Free-range broccoli
Uncle Tug’s Apple Explosion™
Brow sweat

Unhinged chicken
Factory peas
Slice (pear or different pear)
Pre-chewed gum
Ditch liquid

Noodles w/oil
Carrot sticks
Fruit, low-hanging
Snow-capped ice
Melted spinach

Skipjack chowder
Veggie surprise
Wheel of fruition
Santa’s milk

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Michiana Union of Santa Clauses and Elves. Giving children false hope and their parents’ visions of bankruptcy dancing in their heads since the mid-1950s, when unions were strong and working-class families could live on one income. Join us at the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Bass Lake Town Rhombus this week. Or was that last week? Our computers are down and the printer screwed up the calendar, again. At any rate, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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