Bass Lake football: Unforeseen successful season ends

Pregame drills were the most prolific part of the postseason loss.

By Zip Lehming | Beacon downsized sports clerk/receptionist

Bass Lake High School’s most successful prep football season in quite a while came to an abrupt halt Saturday.

After a string of 1- and 2- point wins down the stretch, the Canoes experienced the other side of the close-call coin, falling to South Mid-Level Central, 43-6, in the sectional title game.

Canoes head coach Zeb Dreppelin maintained an even keel after the soul-crushing loss, with hints of anguish around the edges.

“We came, we tried, we didn’t,” Dreppelin said. “Karma came home to roost.”

Karma certainly played a part. Jaysen Karma, running back for SMLC, rushed for 212 yards and scored four touchdowns to lead the Toads to victory. He also intercepted two passes, had five solo tackles, averaged 41 yards per punt and helped serve popcorn at the concession stand at halftime.

Bass Lake had numerous opportunities to score, especially in Half 1. Several plays produced long gains. Almost all of those were wiped out by a penalty.

Individual accomplishments for Bass Lake were minimal, some irrelevant. Starting quarterback Turfy Brown suffered a minor injury in the second quarter and did not return. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Having said all that, the 2019 season was a massive success by historic standards. The Canoes won a share of the conference title for the first time since the year Lyndon Johnson was sworn into office in an airplane. It was Bass Lake’s first 9-win season since before most of your were born.

Dreppelin downplayed recent rumors he plans to retire from coaching and end his career on a high note.

“Since you brought it up maybe that isn’t such a bad idea,” he said.

Season results
* denotes Moonshine Conference game *** playoff game
River-Road Junction Homeschool Academy Church, W 30-6
Pegasus Valley W 21-16
*Hogback Lake L 29-6
*Prairie Depths, L 26-20
* Countryfarm W 15-14
*D’Nalekal W 14-13
Steepwater W 13-12
Dri-County W 12-11
Nearbytown W 22-20
*** Outta the Woods McMurphy W 28-27
*** County-Line Citytown W 19-17
*** South Mid-Level Central L 43-6

9-3 overall (5-2 conference)

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