Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/16-9/20 2019

Don’t let your life turn into a brokedown palace. Let Five Guys and a Minivan whisk you off to new and better life. Seriously. We’ve got yous covered. (Photo appropriated)

Lost hope nuggets w/dipping sauce
Slaw medley
Fruit toastie
Flood water

Tuna salad pizza
Pea au gratin
Repurposed apple
Durian juice

Noah’s lark wings
Lazarus root
Rachael’s pie
Pharoh fluid

Beyond Food™ casserole
Protein-based lettuce
Tree carbs
Freezer dust
Diluted cheese sauce

Giraffe-of-the-sea sticks
Russia fries
Pineapple husk
Hard candy
Diet tea

This week’s menu is sponsored by Five Guys and a Minivan, your late-night moving specialists. Serving Michiana since our parole 5 to 7 years ago. “Plagued by hassles from creditors? We’ll help you get out of town fast and quiet.”

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