Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/13-5/17 2019


Atilla the Pun Editing Services will think about your writing as if we wrote it. And then we will write it and rewrite it ourselves until it’s right. (Hidden fees may apply.)

Brutal tuna
Trout lily
Fruit image
Game of scones

Flange steak
Variety pack
Creamed apple
Surprised pie

Mediation meatloaf
Disputed broccoli
Sour grapes
West Jefferson freeze-out
Tainted well

Peanut butter and Marmite toast
Root cellar boil
Banana whammies
Sawdust bars
Softener discharge

Fish goujons
Berry whites
Zipper candy
Armpit drip

This week’s menu is sponsored by Atilla the Pun Editing Services. You’ll go bananas when you let APES polish your scribblings. We don’t monkey around like those other knuckle-draggers. From resumes to parole letters, cover sheets to book proposals, love poems to mass firings, let APES help your writing evolve. 


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