Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/15-4/19 2019

Chocolate buny
All are welcome the attend the Body of Christ Congregational Unitarian Chapel of Greater Bass Lake Easter season services. Really. Everyone. We’ll even give you a chocolate bunny (not pictured).

Cooked 1040
Taxes toast
Interest-bearing fruit
Fingers-in-the pie
Watery deduction

Tuesday (Fridee)
Contemplative stew
Solitary pea
Cheese-covered ice cream
Hot dog water

Italian lasagna
Garlic nibblers
Banana (Republic)
Pound cupcake

Maundy (Thursdee)
Body of Christ burger w/bun
Nilla wafer
Blood of Christ bug juice

Friday (Good)
Johnny Wen’s Fish Basket™
Deep fried baked potato skins
Chocolate bunny
Kleenex squeezings

This week’s menu is sponsored by Body of Christ Congregational Unitarian Chapel of Greater Bass Lake. All are welcome to attend our progressive, traditional, and non-punitive weekly services each Sunday morning at 9:45 am with a recap service at 1 pm. (Please bring a dish to pass and leave it on the plastic tables in the basement.) Sign up now for VBS. Also, since the spring break crash involving the Body of Christ bus has left us in a pickle, please consider leaving a little extra in the plate this week. Give till it’s slightly annoying, as we like to say. 

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