Arrests of the month

Bond. Jail bond.

The following people were arrested and/or jailed within the past 30 days or so, in or near Bass Lake. (Others were, too; this is only a sample).

  • Shady Van Parsons, 39, mowing under the influence.
  • Jedrow Kalrix, 42, larceny of tackle box, 11th offense.
  • Kimberly C. Gimbers, 27, illegal possession of yard ornament.
  • “Silent” Green, 42, private intox.
  • Milo McXaley, 39, abuse of video-streaming service.
  • Rick R. Ricks, 37, failure to fix defective muffler system.
  • Vel T. Shimmler, 22, lack of motivation.
  • L. LeRoy Guntritch, 69, retirement violation.
This list is based on official public record from Bass Lake Authority Police. No assumption is made about guilt, innocence or anything in-between.

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