Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/24-9/28 2018

Fruit wasp
Michiana Fruit Wranglers and Wasp Patrol provides worry- and sting-free late summer early autumn (fall) tree fruit harvesting to a large number of individuals and families in the Michiana area. See our ad in Fruit Trader Monthly for a seven percent discount on a limited selection of our service. (Photo provided by MFWWP)

Pocket noodles
Leaf Erikson
Pulped apple
Reclaimed ice cream
Fresh squeezed milk

Wiener grabbers
Cauli tots
Grape noogie
Zipper cone
Aquarium pouch

Lakeweed helper
Shuck Norris
Spoon fruit
Gloom pie
Beverage on a stick

Goose curry
Squarsh & wax
Lab berry
Sugar jab

Fish cringe
Allergy nuts
Mushy pear
Chili-powder lozenge
New York Milk Exchange

This week’s menu sponsored by Michiana Fruit Wranglers and Wasp Patrol. Don’t let fly-by-night fruit pickers sting you this harvest season. At Michiana Fruit Wranglers and Wasp Patrol, we know how to not get stung by fly-by-night fruit pickers or wasps.  

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