Death Notice of the Month: George Claymore “Oblonski” Obie

George Claymore “Oblonski” Obie
Ca 1956, Bass Lake

Oblonski (not Oblonski) liked fishing in the lake when the sun was either going down or coming up. (Photo provided)

George Claymore “Oblonski” Obie, ca. June 1956 (do the math), of Bass Lake, checked out expectedly Thursday, May 17, 2018, at an undisclosed location.

Obie, “Oblonski” to those who knew him, “hey you” to those who didn’t, was born somewhere near Bass Lake sometime in or around June of 1956, to Clara and Clay Obie, who are also both dead.

Oblonski spent most of his life in the Bass Lake area, leaving only occasionally to visit friends “out of state.”

He never married.

Oblonski loved fishing, hunting, more fishing and making prank calls to his neighbors, none of whom called him “Oblonski.”

Following a difficult eight years at Bass Lake High School, Oblonski graduated with relief. He then went on to hold approximately 45 different jobs. His motto, “if it ain’t worth doin’, it ain’t worth doin’ right,” is largely believed to have led to his career choices.

He is survived by no one, as far as we know.

A brief memorial service will be held later in June at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience. Cremation out back will follow. A carry-in lunch will follow the cremation, to be followed by a fishing tournament. There will be a three-pole limit. No rain date has been scheduled.

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