Local couple admits: Summer ‘got away from us’

By Megan-Nan Nandrews | New Human-Interest Reporter

Highlight of the summer at the Mayberry residence: Area dog enjoys fruity remnants.

As the calendar recently turned to fall equinox and beyond, Bass Lake husband-and-wife team Josh and Zarah Mayberry lamented that they “let the summer slip away.”

The couple, who live on 4-2/3rds Avenue, revealed their disappointment in an exclusive interview with The Beacon, as they sat on their front porch, sipping Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

“We had so many plans this year,” Josh, 42, said. “A couple of vacation ideas didn’t pan out, for one thing. That was a bummer. Hell, we didn’t even go on a picnic by the lake, like we said we were gonna.”

In addition, several landscaping and yard-upkeep projects they began to plan late last winter eventually fell by the wayside.

A travel-bag horseshoe set, purchased on Memorial Day weekend, remains unopened.

Each blamed work responsibilities and family-related tasks for lack of accomplishment and leisure opportunities.

“It was such a hectic season at work,” said Zarah, almost 42, who declined to reveal her place of employment.

“And the kids,” Josh added. “My god, the kids!”

The Mayberrys do not have children. When asked to elaborate, Josh said he was referring to a plethora of youth who reside in and around the neighborhood, although those weren’t his exact words.

Despite the passage of time, Zarah said the only course of action is move on and prepare for autumn.

“Hey, did you ever buy that new leaf-blower?” she yelled inside to Josh, who was retrieving another beverage.

“I will, yeah, soon as we can sell the mower,” he responded.

“OK,” she hollered. “Bring me a Red’s Apple Ale, honey. It’s fall now.”

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