Town Council meeting agenda affirmed

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Aug. 21, 2017

Waka waka waka.

I. Opening hymn (“Total Eclipse of the Heart”)

II. Call to order pizza

III. Review of minutes

IV. Committee reports
A. Executive
B. Judiciary
C. Planning
D. Public safety
E. Exclusionary
F. Troop

V. 2018 budget
A. Public hearing segment
B. Explanation of budget
C. Pre-approval
D. Approval (contingent on ‘C’)

VI. Intermission

VII. Forty-seven

VIII. New business
A. Sign-maintenance strategic awareness proposal
B. Backhoe purchase
C. Fall leaf-pickup program: Yea or nay?
D. Closed session (none of your business)

IX. Public commentary (limit 45 seconds per person)

X. Review of board members’ summer memories

XI.  Adjournment

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