Town council agenda uncorked

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For July 17, 2017

Shauna (Last Name Withheld) crunches numbers for Bass Lake budget. (Corn Stalk photo)

I. Opening prayer, dictated by He

II. Roll call (feat. doughnuts)

III. Recent business: Mid-year report by Mayor Forrest Bunkard

IV. Proclamation proclamation

V. Unveiling of proposed 2018 budget

A. Overview of basics
B. Description of budget process/intermission-smoke break
C. Set date for public hearing
D. Set date for private touching

VI. Pre-approval of in-town travel ban

VII. Teen

VIII. Community input/output

IX. Pre-closing acknowledgements

X. It’s not adjournment, it’s DiGiorgio

Sources:, and other sources.

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