Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/3-4/7 2017

Is it nap time or lunch time? Let Bill’s Meat and Game Delights* decide for you. *Formerly Roadkill Bill’s. (Photo credit Roadkill Bill)

Hurdy-gurdy taco
Wax bean casserole
Orange slice
Vintage water


Wild meat bar
Peas au gratin
Fruit pouch
Airline nut blend
Boar’s milk

Roller dog w/bun
French fries
Pear half
Brownie square
Eau de toillet

Flesh of the day
Irish potato
Guava rind
Twice frozed soda
Dishrag squeeze

Fish wedge
Lima bean
Banana flavor
Cherry picker pie
Palm sweat

This week’s menu sponsored by Bill’s Meat and Game Delights (Formerly Roadkill Bill’s). Serving Greater Michiana since Y2K.

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