Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 12-12/12-16 2016


chinese fishing
Let Beijing Bait & Tackle cater your next holiday party. (Johnny Wen archives)

Macaroni & hot dog souffle
Eau d’ banana
Jimson weed ice cream
Wintry mixer

Chop suey wrap
Hot & smelly soup
Pineapple husk
Wonton icies
Shanghai soda

Hobo surprise
Soup kitchen reject
“You gonna eat that?”
Mustache frosty
Found coffee

In a gouda da vida toasty
What veggie is this?
Snow-plow scrapies
Boot melt

Meat plate w/cracker
Sauerkraut blend
Dingle berry
Nightcrawler lolly
Bait bucket runoff

This week’s menu sponsored by Johnny Wen at Beijing Bait & Tackle. “Fish eat it. You eat fish. What’s the fishin’ problem?”


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