Bass Lake holiday festival postponed

By Clara Glenadle-Frolic | Community Events/Social Scenarios editor

Oh, Chuck, they out to get us, man. (You're gonna get yours)
Oh, Chuck, they out to get us, man. (You’re gonna get yours)

“Christmas In/Around Bass Lake,” an annual uptown festival set to take place this weekend, has been moved to late-January.

Organizers cited scheduling conflicts and “general seasonal malaise” for the decision to delay the event.

“We got to thinking about it, and really, who has time for a Christmas celebration in December?” said Harriet Rush, who chairs The Regional Committee For Holiday Festivities.

Even so, one popular attraction of “CIA Bass Lake,” ceremonial lighting of the town Christmas tree at Gerald Fjord , will occur as planned — provided a suitable tree is found, along with an adequate string of lights.

One local resident, Eric Sunn, believes postponement of the festival makes sense. Sunn claims the event is better-suited for mid-winter.

“By that point, a lot of us have cabin fever anyway,” Sunn said. “Especially people who live in cabins.”

In a related matter, a townwide chili cook-off scheduled for mid-February will be pushed back to Memorial Day weekend.

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