Town council meeting agenda made known

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Nov. 21, 2016

Budget approval is expected. (Unspecial to The Beacon)
Approval of Bass Lake town budget approval is expected. (145 Coins in a Fountain Photography)

I. Cold opening
II. Secular moment-of-silence, courtesy Lakeside Agnostic Church
III. Swearing-in of Forrest Bunkard as mayor of Bass Lake
IV. Cussing-out of ex-mayor Carolyn Shee
V. Fiscal-year town budget, final review:
1. Line-item vetoes
2. Accountancy adjustments
3. Rubber-stamping
4. Roomwide applause
5. Extermission
VI. Turkey-carving demonstration, feat. councilman Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House (cutlery provided by Jarvey’s Knife & Drum)
VII. Tea
VIII. Instagram presentation: Autumn Rakeford, Leafblowers Anonymous
IX. Proposal to build wall around Bass Lake’s business district; initiative presented by council member M. Adam Bradbury (R-Bass Lake, PhD history)
X. Public commentary/council-scolding
XI. Adjournment. Pow!

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