Election ’16: Soundguy, Bunkard vie for mayor

By Max Fontaine | Reporter who takes politics seriously

Local seats are up for grabs. (caption written by 9-year-old)
Local seats are up for grabs. (caption written by 9-year-old)

Two candidates will attempt to unseat self-appointed Bass Lake mayor Carolyn Shee in the Bass Lake election race.

Former mayor Guy Soundguy and local intellectual Forrest Bunkard will challenge Shee on the ballot Tuesday.

Soundguy held the mayoral seat from November 2014 until May 2016, when he resigned unexpectedly to pursue work in the construction industry.

Bunkard campaigned as a write-in candidate for mayor in 2014.

Soon after Soundguy’s resignation, Shee, former vice president of Bass Lake, declared herself mayor.

Guy Soundguy’s running mate is George Glass, 60. The pair’s campaign slogan is “Governmental Transparency.”

Skippy Jenson, lead singer for Local Cover Band and campaign manager for Soundguy/Glass, summarized the duo’s campaign intentions.

“1-2-3-ROCK!,” Jenson said.

Bunkard has not announced a running mate, but does have a campaign slogan: “Underrated consistency — like the Levy-era Buffalo Bills.”

Meanwhile, Shee said she welcomes the competition.

“Go ahead, make my noon hour,” Shee said.

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