Prep football: Canoes bumped from playoffs; may have to forfeit forfeiture

By Brock Stafford | Sports editor/recently newly married

The sun has set on another football season (Photographer photo)
The sun has set on another football season (Photographer photo)

Bass Lake High School’s football season came to a crashing halt Friday night, as the Canoes fell from the ranks of the region’s non-eliminated playoff teams with a 34-4 loss to Michianapolis Benharrison in a postseason clash.

The Canoes finished 1-9, 1-6 in the Moonshine Conference. That creates a tie for at least the school’s worst season record since at least the mid-2000s.

As bad as that is, it may not even be the worst news of the weekend.

Bass Lake’s sole win, which came two weeks ago over D’naelekal by forfeit, may have to be rescinded. That’s because, in a regular season-ending loss to Nearbytown, Bass Lake used an ineligible player. State officials revealed that Canoes starting offensive tackle Jerald Bigphatgi had graduated from BLHS in 2012.

When confronted with the potential student-athletic violation, Bass Lake head coach Zeb Dreppelin appeared confused.

“Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would notice that,” Dreppelin said.

As for Friday’s playoff game, the Benharrison Antitrusts rolled up a 30-0 halftime lead, and it was more or less all over at that point. In the second half, each team traded two safeties, but the rosters remained otherwise unchanged.

It was a bitter wrap-up to Bass Lake’s season, which unraveled rather quickly when star running back Gush Accolades went down in Week 2 with an injury.

Next up for the Canoes: Offseason, and, for some team members, part-time factory work.

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