Regional farm report, early October

By Tubby Zenith | The Agribusinessman Man

Feeder pigs are moving swiftly this week. (Ham-Cam)

Here’s the mid-week regional farm report, courtesy Granary Row Grain Group, Michiana Livestock Commission and Weather Center Central.

Grain prices: Corn down 1, wheat up 3, soybeans end in an overtime-tie.

Early-week trends show upside reversal action and mixed markets, whatever that means.

Grain delivery estimates are fair-to-middling. Gains are weak. Losses are strong.

In livestock trading, cattle are standing in place. Pork-bellies are on the low side.

Organic apple markets: Down two-eighths.

Harvest weather: Overcast with a chance of clouds.

This has been the regional farm report. You have a good day, now.

Tubby Zenith is a consultant at Michiana University Extension Service. This report is excerpted from his radio show, which can be heard at 9 a.m. weekdays on WBASS-1, immediately after his morning chores are finished.

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