Arrests of the quarter: July-September 2016

By Ms. Demeanor | Community transcriptionist

Holding cell, Bass Lake city jail (Mumley Shackleton/Special to The Beacon)
Holding cell, town jail (Mumley Shackleton / Special to The Beacon)

The following people were arrested and/or jailed over the past 90 days or so within the town of Bass Lake. Most of them without incident, following each incident.

  • Jem C., 38, Funky’s on the Bayou, drinking while intoxicated.
  • Peter N., 21, Bass Lake, littering without a license.
  • Gemini L., 25, Edgewater Terrace, improper mailbox.
  • Jaryd S., 30, 3rd Street, 4th-degree shouting.
  • Juan H., 27, Lakeside Blvd., fish-and-release for profit.
  • Amanda W., 47, Uptown, selling insurance with no proof of insurance.
  • Ellojean T., 61, walking in bicycle lane, against traffic (second offense).
  • Myron N., 48, self-neglect.
  • James “Goose” G., 29, failure to disappear.
  • Tug McNabb, police chief, dangerous use of bicycle; bond $1.45.

Arrests of the Quarter is sponsored by Michiana Bail Bonds Bondsmans. Disclaimer: This list is based on official public record; no assumption about guilt or innocence is assumed, although many of these people probably did something wrong.

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