Bass Lake Community Schools Launch 2016-2017 schedule

By Jillian Fontaine | Eighth-grade intern and growing up so fast

eaarly bird
The early bird may get the jump on adjusting to a school environment, according to Bass Lake school officials. (Tom Giblet)

In a surprise move, students in the Bass Lake Community School District are required to return to classes later today.

With no warning or consultation, the Bass Lake Community School Board upped the school-start date to 2:30 p.m. today, Friday, tossing aside the traditional start date of not today.

Board president Simon Greelness offered no explanation for the sudden schedule switch other than to say “it fits within the parameters of our policy delineation of the school year timeline.”

The shift means students will have to be ready for school earlier than expected. But what gripes most parents the Beacon talked with  is that Friday classes will last just 45 minutes.

“I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid,” said Hacienda Manceto, a parent of a student in the district. “Forty-five minutes? Why not just ask them to send a text or something .”

Greenless defended the move by claiming the short day will allow “shaky students to dip their toes into the system rather than taking a full plunge.”

Classes begin a normal schedule on Monday, August 15, Greenless said.

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