BLAP Beat:Turkey eludes baster

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police daily dispatch log.


A local bovine  may have witnessed the abduction of a fellow farm creature. (File photo)

On Wednesday, August 10 at approximately 7:45 in the evening time Bass Lake Authority Police dispatchers received a call from a distraught poultry farmer claiming that a person or persons had stolen a prized fowl.

The caller, self-identified as one Tom Giblet, reported that he was attempting to harvest the bird, a turkey, white in color, when a loud siren distracted him briefly, allowing the livestock to break his grip and flee.

Giblet then reported seeing the fleeing fowl cross Out-on-the-Highway Road and hop into a red pickup truck, red in color and late in model. Giblet glimpsed the license plate and believed it to have the letters “MCNB.”

Pedal patrol officer and BLAP chief Tug McNab gave chase as he was in the vicinity seeking a Sunday roast.

Giblet then witnessed Chief McNab tossing his patrol bicycle into the bed of the truck before climbing into the passenger seat. Giblet, of Giblet Turkey, Lamb and Organic Gerbil Farm in east Bass Lake Township, said the truck sped off.

No reports were made. No charges have been filed.


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