Recipe: St. Patrick’s Day/Night Special

What it looked like last year, sort of. (On the camera, Laurel Princeworth. She snapped this)

By Laurel and Marty Princeworth | Beacon contributors

Perfect for the slow-cooker! If you own one.

Beef, red in color
Stout and/or Lager (about 7.45 gallons)
Green dye No. 45
Green onions (instrumental)
Brown Sugar (from “Sticky Fingers” soundtrack)
Shamrock shakes and shamrock-colored sugar cookies as side-dish desserts (recipes available separately)

Steam the cabbage. Set aside. Plug in slow-cooker. Add beef. Pour liberal amount of stout or lager over beef. Mix sugar in bowl. Add vegetables, if ready. Set slow cooker on “Keep Warm” and simmer for 14 hours. Vigorously (but gently) mix dye into remainder of beer, and serve in mug-shaped glasses. Hoist. Fire up TV, watch your bracket O’Bust. Serves at least a few.





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