Biz-Quick: Petty-Cash Junction

Business glance from the Bass Lake area

Scene from the early days of the business (Reg Cashister/Photo taken yesterday)
Scene from the company’s first store (Reg Cashister/Photo taken last week at collectibles market)

Petty-Cash Junction, a national payday loan/rent-to-own franchise, has opened a branch near the Bass Lake area.

“So, it’s time for lunch, and you’re a few bucks short on cash?” states the company brochure. “We’ll tide you over until at least 5 p.m. (that day, no later). You deserve an advance on your meal.”

Regarding the rent-to-own portion of the enterprise — which features flat-screen TVs, wide-screen TVs, poorly-made furniture and outdated PCs — is “the standard setup, exactly how it’s always been,” said Tug McNabb, franchisee/manager and former police chief of Bass Lake.

Petty-Cash Junction is the oldest business in the modern world.*

*(Disclaimer: This claim is a claim made by the company, and is not true. All limits apply.)



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