Shop-with-a-cop returns

By Clara Glendale | Beacon shopping reporter

Shop-with-a-cop, like last summer’s attend-a-track-meet-with-a-cop event, pairs a kid with a BLAP cop for a day of fun and shopping. (Beacon file photo)

It’s the time of year when goodwill abounds. But no one knows better than the less fortunate children in our area that Santa doesn’t always slip down everyone’s chimney with a bag brimming with gifts.

That’s where the officers of the Bass Lake Authority Police come in.

Every year BLAP officers put down their nightsticks and tasers and handcuff themselves to a needy child for a day of shopping at local merchants. (Except last year and the year before that when scheduling conflicts and arrests spoiled the fun. (A shout-out to the local funeral home directors who filled in last year!))

Armed only with smiles and several hours of tactical hand-to-hand combat training, Bass Lake’s finest brave the throngs of holiday shoppers to shuttle their tiny charges from store to store downtown.

Little Kenny Needsmore, 8, of West Bass Lake Estates, is looking forward to his spree with bicycle patrol officer and former chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb.

“Last year was weird,” Little Kenny said. “I wanted a Spiderman helicopter, but all I got was some stupid dead people fluid and a half-empty box of Kleenexes. It sucked!”

Officer McNabb has promised not to let Little Kenny Needsmore, 8, of West Bass Lake Estates, go home empty-hearted or empty-handed this year.

“Last year sucked!” McNabb said. “We had to go to some stupid seminar. But this year I’m taking Little Kenny Needsmore to Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories up on Trout Lane. I hear they have a special on chicken slaughter cones and beak snippers. After that, we’re going for donuts and coffee at Jolly’s. I hope he knows how to ride on handlebars.”

It is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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