Election ’15: Early returns

By Thomas “Jefferson” Democracy | Canvassers Bloody-Mary Club #45

Unsealed ballots, prepared for 2016 general election (Association of Local Clerks)
Unsealed ballots, delivered for use in 2016 general election (Hindsight 2020)

Unofficial results of the Bass Lake local election have been released by town clerk-treasurer Olden A. Goodway, based on early, unofficial results.

“I’m not done counting yet,” Goodway said. “I don’t trust computers anymore, nor have I ever.”

Preliminary outcome, with 45 percent of precincts reporting:

  • Bass Lake town crier: Helga Schrimkat (unopposed/incumbent-at-large)
  • Community awareness advocate/town council agenda supervisor: Kathy, Scott, Enrique, Billy, and a different Kathy (tie).

The lone, local funding initiative, a sidewalk-repair proposal, has been ruled invalid, due to violations in ballot language.

“Whoever added the word ‘dammit’ to the proposal is gonna get a call from me,” Goodway said. “Plus, there was a spelling error in it somewhere, or so I’ve been told.”

As is common for an off-year election, voter turnout was low Tuesday.

“Based on my analysis, we had maybe a few hundred, if that,” Goodway said. “That’s only an estimate.”

Goodway’s term extents through November 2016.

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