Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/19 – 10/23 2015

concessions stand
CanoeBoosters of Bass Lake High School desires a concessions stand like this.

Pig-in-a lounging wrap
Stink bug sauce
Pre-leaf collection salad
Pumpkin pops
First frost melt

Acorn casserole
Sweet potato skins
Mystery berry
Frozen hot dog watersicles
Regular hot dog water

PB&J wedgies
Potato chip crumble
Black walnut squeeze
Unbearable lightness of cheese
Town council coffee dregs

Salted meat cakes
Anti-coagulation swabs
Orange and/or cookie packet
Rehydrating fluid

Concession stand preview
Baltic tots
Fruit colored paint chips
Isis colder than water freezies

This week’s menu brought to by the Bass Lake Bloodmobile and the Bass Lake High School Canoe Boosters.




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