Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/5 – 10/9

BLE kitchen staff
Bass Lake Elementary kitchen staff circa 2014. (Not pictured)

Eight piece box
Out-On-The-Highway sauce packet
Trampled fruit medley
Frozen nut grabbers
Hummingbird fluid

Food truck surprise
How I met your vegetable
Well-known fruit
Ice chips
Stink bug squeezins

Zucchini casserole
Other squash casserole
Tomato casserole
Apple crisp casserole pops
Casserole drippings

Maize niblet burger w/bun-ish baked good
Chicken fried French fries
Forget-me berries
Last of the summer cooler water

Pre-Columbus Day gruel
Papa was a rolling stone soup
Fish-get-me-not pie
Cranberry routine
German Heritage beer slammers

This week’s menu brought to you by Bass Lake Elementary Kitchen Staff Workers. You got a problem with that? 




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