7 things to avoid missing: May 2015

Monthly planner, May 2015:

May 31 (Kim E. Shelter/Beacon)

May 2: “Scrubfest,” 10 a.m., Bass Lake Inn/Convenience; bring-your-own-bucket; donation of mops accepted.

May 5: “Pork Chop Tuesday,” 6:17-8:09 p.m., big VFW hall; $11; benefit for local chapter of Pork Chop-Growers of America.

May 16: Bass Lake University graduation-commencement, 2 p.m., BLU Civic Auditorium; featured speaker TBA.

May 18: Bass Lake Town Council meeting. Probable highlight: Discussion of bottle-cap plant proposal, first and third reading.

May 23: Memorial Day weekend special worship service, 5 p.m., St. Methodist Catholic Church; led by the Rev. Father Dr. John Paul Wesley Jr.

May 24: Indy 500 potluck, hosted by Bass Lake Town Council member Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House, noon, Dave’s House; bring your own milk.

May 31: All-schools picnic, 2-5 p.m., yet-unnamed community park; open to all Bass Lake students K-8, preferably with parent/guardian; burgers and hot dogs provided, plus chips and beverage (one per attendee); buns available upon request; bring your own table settings (and tables, if possible); free; provided by Bass Lake Retired Food-Servers Trust Fund.


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