Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/27 – 5/1 2015

riderless horse
Race to The Moonshine Emporium for all your Derby Day and gambling needs. (Photos by Otis)

In a garden burrito
Lettuce tenders
Lime in the coconut
Frosted licorice fudge
Sock broth

Bunny pot pie
Unidentified mushroom soup
Fruit cup w/fruit
Donner party pops

Hobo chicken
Toasted broccoli stalks
Obama berries
Carpe Diem donuts
Orson Welles water

Orson Bean soup
GMO corn bread
Strawberries dusted w/ confectioners uranium
Dental surgery suction

Kentucky Fried Cheval
Grits a la Bass Lake
Tug’s Fruity Ferret Spread
Jockey weight-loss lozenges
Mint juleps

This week’s menu brought to you by The Moonshine Emporium, feat. OTB live feeds. Never miss another race.


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