Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/20 – 4/24 2015

BLU Adminstration
Bass Lake University Administration Building. (BLU Assistant Vice President to the Marketing Photographer.)

Janitor on a bun
Mower clippings
Pineapple husk
A spoonful of sugar
High lactose cow syrup

Fledgling casserole
Tomato paste
Surplus mixed fruit, ca 1943
Cherry-flavored cough drops
Tears of a clown


Chair-back ribs
Moist towelette w/carrots
Dry rub berries
Sticky roll
Earth day bottled water

Unpleasant surprise
Potato peel w/eyes
Strawberry alarm clock
Dashboard candy melt
Needle exchange runoff

Presidential hopeful dippers
Chinese buffet Dumpster veggies
Bundled baked goods
April showers

This week’s menu brought to you by Bass Lake University Committee to Assure Administrative Staff Retention and Expansion.


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