Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/23 – 3/27 2015

Visit Copper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories on Trout Lane today for all your fowl needs. (Bradley Al Sanderstroms )

Bracket brisket
Essence of cabbage
Road apples
Fourteenth seed jawbreakers
Sauerkraut water

Rescue hot dog w/vaccinated bun
Aged American single (unwrapped)
Strawberry seeds forever
Freezer burn
Maple sap

Flagrant fowl 2
Spring corn
Imitation fruit substitute
Supermoon pie
Fresh-squeezed milk

That darn catchup bake
Artichoke safeword salad
Ear fruit
Frozen soda pops
Imported fluid

Fish wallet w/bun
Heirloom poison ivy starts
Leftover Martini olives
Mayonnaise cake
Recycling plant runoff

This week’s menu brought to you by Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories. Your first choice for spring chicken supplies.


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