Firefighters fight fire with fire (truck)

By Max Fontaine | Beacon senior reporter jr.

Replica of truck used at a local business fire (Sondra "Mattel" Tonka/Beacon contributor)
Replica of a truck used at the site of a recent local fire. (Not actual size)

Fire erupted early today, much like volcanic-eruptions erupt, at Volcano Royale, a taco shop out on Out-on-the-Highway Road.

Dispatchers from 911 received a call from a passerby shortly after 1 a.m. The passerby was driving to begin her shift at 911 dispatch.

First to arrive at the scene were a reporter and photographer from the Beacon. The photographer, who asked not to be identified as Steven S. James, staff photographer, snapped pictures of the reporter, who tried to douse the flames using bucket of snow.

Firefighters from Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute arrived shortly thereafter, wielding a ladder truck. They banished the Beacon staff members from the immediate area and proceeded to extinguish the blaze within approximately 45 seconds.

Charges of interference within context of a volatile situation are pending.

No employees were working at the time, which is “nothing unusual at that place,” according to a Facebook post from a frequent patron.

Damage to the eatery was minimal and contained mostly to a small area of the kitchen, according to the fire institute.

Twelve tacos were destroyed in the incident. Cause of the fire is categorized as “unknowable.”

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