Alert: Bass Lake schools will not observe National Reading Month in ’15, according to reports

By Clara Glendale | Beacon education-anomaly writer

There will be none of this, or nothing out of the ordinary, until at least April. (Whorl Ives/Bray Radbury)

Bass Lake schools will not observe National Reading Month in 2015.

Typically, March marks a month-long focus on reading for schools across the U.S., but officials said this week that Bass Lake students won’t join the word-based celebration.

“There will be no special attention placed on reading in March,” said superintendent Sam Herling. “In addition, we will not do anything Dr. Seuss-related. We will not do it, Sam I am.”

The decision is not intended as an “anti-literacy” measure, Herling said, merely that administrators and teachers believe it is unnecessary to undertake or initiate extra reading activities for a 31-day stretch, when subjects such as math, science and industrial arts/journalism are equally important.

“We don’t do anything special for International Long-Division Month,” Herling expunged. “So why this?”

In addition, local educators believe, reading is best approached as a year-round activity.

“Every month should be reading month,” said middle-school English teacher Courtnee Troutlane, who was fired for undisclosed reasons 45 minutes ago. “Every day, in fact, should be a month in itself,”

At least one student, fifth-grader Finland Quithers, disagreed with Troutlane’s assessment.

“More like no month should be readin’ hour,” Quithers dynamicated.

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