Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/23 – 2/27 2015

Oscar’s grows stuff.

Paparazzi pizza
Lifetime achievement vegetable plate
Best dough in a supporting crescent roll
Red carpet cake
Loser tears

Imitation crab cakes
The theory of Brussels sprouts
Two fruits, one cup
Selma soul for some ice cream
Nervous sweat

Ruffalo wings
Ida ho potatoes
How to train your flagon berries
Liposuction juice

Cucumberbatch sandwiches
Wild rice
Still rutabagas
Expired Milk

Fishhood planks w/bun
Thems Dern good Keaton root blend
Banana ropes
Reese’s pieces
Birdman bath water

This week’s menu sponsored by Oscar’s Fertilizer and Manure. Slinging growth additives since Titanic.


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