Beacon Bits: Snow news is good news

From Staff Reports

snow angel
A local resident attempts to comply with the new snow removal ordinance. (Bass Lake Fire and Rescue)

If this is Tuesday, this must be Bass Lake’s new snow removal ordinance.

It’s not Tuesday, of course, but it is still Bass Lake’s new snow removal ordinance which states that “snow must be removed from sidewalks, paths, walkways, trails, alleys, streets, aprons, approaches, routes, short cuts, long cuts, cold cuts, ways, driveways, parking areas, tarmacs, courts (tennis and basketball), fields (all sports), drive-thru(s), lanes, passing lanes, bike lanes, slow lanes, fast lanes, and check-out lanes following a snow event of greater than (more than) 10 (5+5) inches.”

The Bass Lake Town council passed the new ordinance on a first singing Monday night. The new rules take effect on the first Monday following the last snowfall of the previous week of the seventh (July) month.

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