Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/9 – 2/13 2015

Julies Flower and gifts
This week’s BLE lunch menu sponsored by Julie’s Back Door Flowers and Gifts. (None of your business)

Dumpster meat medley
Veggie medley
Bruce Jenner transition fruit medley
Vanilla flavored ice medley
Defrost cycle limbo liquid medley

Sloppy Jane w/bun
Accidental cottage cheese
Brussels sprout wedge
Melted Icicles

Aunt Esther’s squirrel loaf
Bottom-of-the-crisper steamed vegetables
Fruit any style
Crisper juice

Brian Williams career melt
Network toast w/veggie crisper spread
Mistake fries
Humble pie
Fog-of-war slurry

Valentine’s Day panic burgers w/heart-shaped bun
Be my sweet potato
Down-in-the-valley grapes
Guilt-trip assorted chocolates
Morning after juice box

This week’s menu sponsored by Julie’s Back Door Flowers and Gifts. Visit Julie’s Back Door for all your special Valentine’s Day needs.


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