Weather geek predicts ‘blizzard of the millennium’

By Ken at the Paper | Beacon weather watcher

Piles of snow like this could be common if local predictions of a massive snow storm are correct. (Ken at the Paper)

He says it’s going to be “the big one.” And we should believe him. After all, Barry Isobar is right nearly 20 percent of the time.

Isobar, a self-described local weather geek, says a winter storm “the size of the horsehead nebula” will swoop in early Sunday morning and drop anywhere from zero inches to four feet of the white stuff. Wind is also possible, he says.

“Get your toilet paper and milk now,” Isobar said.  “This will be the storm of the millennium.”

He is not alone.

Meteorologists from the Michiana Weather Society agree.

“If you need toilet paper, get it now,” the MWS said in a press release. “This system is the size of 2,356 football fields. It could make ice fishing difficult.”

Clem Brickston, proprietor of the Bass Lake Inn/Convenience Store, said shoppers lined up around the big rock near the entrance.

“There were at least seven people waiting at the door when I opened this morning,” Brickston said. “I haven’t been this busy since before that other store opened across the lake. But I still have a few openings for the dueling piano event tonight. Call now for reservations.”

In related news, temperatures are expected to be at or below freezing during the snow storm event, so bundle up. Local health officials argue that frostbite is possible if exposed skin is exposed to low temperatures for long enough.

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