Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/26 – 1/30 2015

Mel's Garage
Tranny juice provided by Mel’s. (Mrs. Mel)

PB & J crusters
Spinach-ish cups
Faux berries
Ice butter pops
Treatment plant sample

Turkey fingers
Breaded French fries
Assorted fruit seeds
Jimmy jams

Ligament soup
Cracker blend
Side-out banana mash
Vending machine special
Tranny juice

Fountain burger w/pretzel
Limburger sticks
Moon fruit
Chocolate chip cookie dough crumblers
Assorted vapors

Deflated popcorn loaf
Cucumber melt
Dessert roulette
Canned pinto bean fluid

This week’s menu sponsored by Mel’s Garage & Salvage. Now in one location!


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