Beacon Bits: Bass Lake residents invited to stay connected via digital revolution

By Clara Glendale/Ken at the Paper | This report didn’t truly require two writers

Stay informed with xxx, even with thick sunglasses. (Oh Yeah).
Stay informed with Vexzix, even with a pair of thick sunglasses. (Oh Yeah).

Bass Lake has entered the “digital age,” big-time.

“We have entered the big-time,” said Carolyn Shee, vice president of Bass Lake Town Council. “I don’t know what it means, but there’s little doubt it means more than I think.”

What is Shee talking about?

A new community-alert interface/portal: Vexzix.

Vexzix allows residents to access crucial information, including (but not limited to) snow emergencies, street closings, sewer-main breaks, power outages, proper-grammar usage and police/fire emergencies.

Each of those situations is expected to occur at some point in 2015, within the Bass Lake Area. See store for details, or check local listings.

The service is free, after a one-time annual charge of $99.

To sign up or “pre-register,” visit Bass Lake Town Council’s website — which is currently offline, due to consulting-firm arrears.

Each writer contributed to this report.

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