Breaking: Party shop robbed again

By Ken at the Paper | Press-release beat

A popular petroleum-based beverage outlet was robbed suddenly on Saturday. (From-Across-the-Street Photography)
Rob me once, shame on me … (Across The Street Photography)

Late Tuesday, a lone gunman entered Layte-Nite Gas ‘n’ Beer Party Shop out on Out-on-the-Highway Road. The man was alone and armed with a handgun.

Money was exchanged, but not in a legal way, according to Bass Lake Authority Police. The man then fled. All employees were uninjured, and continued working until their shifts were over.

Police seek a white male who was wearing a black or gray hooded sweatshirt, or a black or gray male wearing a white sweatshirt.

The gun was brown in color, police said.

The robbery comes almost exactly a month after a robbery that took place about a month ago at the store. A suspect in that incident also remains at large.

Chiou Yueh, new acting chief of Bass Lake Authority Police, said the incidents are not related, but it doesn’t mean the suspects aren’t.

“No matter the details, we will find them and charge them,” Yueh said. “This is not a threat — it is a threat which is also a promise.”

Yueh, a regional director of the People’s Armed Police, the policing wing of the Chinese Armed Forces, is part of an exchange program with Bass Lake’s sister city, Beijing.

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