The BLAP Beat: Pursuit ends

Not BLAP officers
Not BLAP officers.

Officer responded to a 911 text regarding a human male Caucasian driving erratically on Pothole Road. When the officer attempted to apprehend the suspect through the use of flashing lights red and blue in color and a piercing whine emitting from the patrol vehicle the white male human attempted to evade apprehension by driving less erratically and with increased speed.  The officer observed the suspect disappear from view as he drove around a curve and then reappear as the officer continued pursuit around the curve. When the pale-faced erratic vehicle operator reappeared it appeared to the officer that the suspect vehicle faced the opposite direction and had stopped moving. The officer exited his patrol unit and dispatched Feline Unit Jessie. Officer observed the driver, a white Caucasian, male in gender, “scooching” to the passenger side of the vehicle. While sliding across the seat the possible felon engaged the reverse position of the transmission with his (his) knee and the vehicle lurched backward and became lodged in a pothole. Officer communicated with the suspect through the closed driver side window utilizing BLAP flash cards and determined that the suspect claimed to be a passenger in the vehicle, a car in design, and asserted that the driver had fled on foot. Feline Jessie alerted to possible contraband. The driver/passenger consented to a search. The officer discovered a half eaten tuna fish sandwich on the dashboard. No charges were filed.

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police dispatch log.

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